Process wastewater

EnviroChemie offers proven technology depending on the task: Wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling or resource recovery.

Treatment of process wastewater - efficient processes from EnviroChemie

Water is used in industrial plants and processes for a wide range of purposes. After it has been used, post-treatment is usually required before the process wastewater can be released or routed to a new application. EnviroChemie offers proven technology depending on the task: wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling or resource recovery. The application-specific plant technology can be used as a separate solution or combined for many practical water treatment requirements, as well being a building block in the demand for zero liquid discharge (wastewater-free technology).

Process wastewater treatment 

Production and process wastewater is pre-treated using processes aimed at taking the pressure off downstream wastewater treatment plants, ensuring their operational safety or meeting the discharge limit values for sewage systems.

Recycling of process wastewater 

The requirements placed on treated or purified industrial process water are specific and have high standards in terms of quality. EnviroChemie plans, constructs and operates solutions for the reuse of water and for process wastewater recycling. Companies are supported in this endeavour to reduce the costs for manufacturing fresh and industrial water, as well as significantly reducing the costs for wastewater disposal or process water treatment. EnviroChemie process wastewater plants are an important building block for meeting the drive towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Treatment for resource recovery and recycling 

The recovery of resources in product or input material form for reuse in the production process requires exact knowledge of the technological solution and the industrial production processes. EnviroChemie’s experienced employees ensure economically and ecologically viable solutions for process water treatment. Process wastewater recycling also improves the water footprint of the manufactured product, as water is reused.


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