Before we recommend a plant solution, water chemicals or services, we will consult with you.

Others may mess about on the water – we work with it

That's why we know exactly what needs to be taken into consideration, in order to action suitable plant solution, optimum plant operation or a suitable plant management system for you. Take advantage of our more than 45 years’ experience in water technology.

EnviCheck Waterrecycling

We show you how to reuse and recycle water.

We evaluate your water flows with regard to a suitable treatment process and the water reuse purposes you want. In doing so, we examine your water flows and check which process would be suitable. 

  • Evaluation of existing data
  • Analyse conditions on site
  • Water analysis (optional)
  • Draw up a plant diagram

Finally, you will receive a presentation of the results and the plant scheme, including a cost estimate.

Flyer EnviCheck Water Recycling & Reuse


We put your systems through their paces

We take a close look at your wastewater or water treatment systems. Then we show you our optimisation proposals.

Examples of what we test for you:

  • Compliance with or reduction of the discharge limit values
  • Plant flexibility in case of load fluctuations
  • Processes and plant engineering in terms of resource and energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of water consumption in production

Important: EnviCheck is also possible for third-party systems.
You will then receive optimisation proposals from us, which we will also implement for you.


Plant advice or consultation on plant solution

Individual consultation tailored to your requirements

When you work with us, you work with experts with many years of experience in implementing water technology plant solutions in industry.

Tell us about your requirements for water quality, your need for engineering services or the sustainability goals you are aiming for. Our industry and technology experts will advise you on possible plant solutions or technologies and explain what needs to be considered and how the project can be implemented.


We determine the carbon footprint of your wastewater treatment plant.

We determine your plant’s CO2 emissions and show you which processes significantly impact your carbon footprint, as well as how optimising your processes can reduce CO2 emissions.

Determining the carbon footprint of industrial (waste) water treatment in 4 steps:

  1. Selection of the plant components/processes to be analysed together with the customer
  2. Data research and analysis
  3. Creation of a carbon footprint
  4. Show optimisation potentials

Neben der detaillierten CO2-Bilanz erhalten Sie Lösungsvorschläge zur Minimierung Ihres CO2-Footprints, zu technologischen Alternativen sowie Optionen zur Kostensenkung.

Determining the CO2-footprint can also be performed on plants
that were not built by EnviroChemie!



Checking plant operation to ensure that everything runs smoothly

We check the operation of your water technology plants to ensure they run stably and in compliance with legal requirements.

Examples of what we do for you:

  • Review and evaluate the current procedure
  • Assess the technical situation
  • Optimise the use of operating materials: optimum use of water chemicals
  • Tighten disposal costs: optimise sludge treatment and show potential for savings

You will receive optimisation proposals from us, which we will also implement for you.
Important: ProcessCheck is also available for third-party plants.


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