Mining / ore processing

Mining / ore processing

Minimising environmental impacts by using efficient water technology

Practical solutions for mine water, rainwater and sewage treatment

Water treatment in mining is becoming more and more critical. Environmental regulations and water scarcity require operators to find innovative, practical solutions to sustainable water management issues. A treatment plan that is safe for the environment and for operations must be put in place for handling mine water.

Water from mining and ore processing often contains considerable amounts of dissolved and undissolved pollutants, some of which are toxic. Mine water can lead to fluctuations in water levels or overflows in underground and open-cast mining, so it must be discharged.

Our experienced industry experts will show you how you can safely meet the requirements for treating  what are usually large daily volumes of mine water, rainwater and wastewater using tailor-made solutions, and how you can reuse the treated water.

Typical tasks:

Concept development, feasibility studies, laboratory tests

Water reuse

Recovery of valuable resources from water

Drain and leached water treatment

Tailing pond water treatment

Choose from our range of services:

Water treatment compactly housed in a module for a copper mine in Bulgaria
Water treatment for a phosphate and nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer
Modular plant for treating mine water from a SUEK coal mine, Russia

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