WaterExpert - the digital service platform

WaterExpert - the digital service platform

The digital service platform WaterExpert™ provides support for day-to-day plant operations. It enables users to record and analyse data, guides them through workflows or provides information during troubleshooting tasks.

Watermanagement in your pocket

Take your wastewater system to a new level and use our digital service platform WaterExpert™ throughout every stage of a plant’s life cycle. Thanks to its database of recommendations for action or via the ExpertHUB, WaterExpert™ enables you to solve issues easily.

You can minimise risks and operate your plants in a predictive manner.


  • Key performance indicators are visualised
  • All activity is presented, even historical activity
  • Access documentation quickly and easily
Lifecycle WaterExpert

Operational reliability

  • Data is continuously analysed
  • Plant can be directly accessed
  • Reliable conformance to limit values
  • Fewer accidents at work due to stored work instructions and trainings


  • Smart glasses for hands-free, video-based support
  • Quick response to malfunctions
  • Traceable maintenance and lab data


  • Optimise operating costs (chemicals, energy, spare parts)
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Less travel required

InformationHUB - data from a single source

InformationHUB is used to manage all your documents and data, and allows you to access them directly via the app, your mobile phone, your tablet or your computer’s browser.

InformationHUB is a useful aid in your day-to-day tasks and reporting duties. The most important key performance indicators are calculated and then visualised to provide a simple overview.

ExpertHUB - your direct line to expert knowledge

We share our wealth of experience with you. The ExpertHUB analyses your data and provides recommendations for action. Your advantages as a WaterExpert™ user:

You benefit from our complete knowledge in plant construction and operation, receive advice on predictive maintenance and learn how to operate your plants more efficiently.

WaterExpert is also used here for optimum system control:

RemoteHUB - remote proximity

The distance between you and our experts is inconsequential. Via our RemoteHUB, we can assist you quickly via smart glasses or through remote maintenance support.

Customers value RemoteHUB’s capabilities during commissioning tasks, in the event of faults or for assisting untrained personnel, for example.

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