Plant management & contracting

You can concentrate on your production processes while we take care of all your water-management tasks

The outlook's clear with us – plant support over the entire life cycle

The complexity of water-technology plants is constantly increasing. The result is that plants often do not operate at optimum efficiency. Officially required limit values are complied with, but your plant operation can be the cause of rising costs, due to high energy and chemical consumption or the need to dispose of residual materials.
Our water specialists are happy to take care of your water management for you. This frees you up from plant operation tasks and saves a lot of time and money – as well as gives you the security of permanently available plants.

We have everything under control

  • Plant operation and availability
  • Plant efficiency
  • Optimum use of operating materials
  • Management of chemicals and residual materials 
  • Management of official contacts
  • Legal conditions


Service model

We look after your water technology plants

We support you in all matters concerning water and wastewater treatment.

As part of our support model, we will train your employees and pass on our know-how to you. We set up the operational organisation for you, help you to manage the authorities and fees, and are at your side, both in person and remotely, with an emergency service for plant operation.


Plant management

We operate your entire water technology

When we manage your plant, we take care of your entire water and wastewater management. Managing your water and wastewater plants means being responsible for your water quality, plant availability, and costs over the entire plant life cycle.

This is what we take care of for you:

  • Operation of entire treatment plants and plant systems
  • Flexible personnel assignment
  • Materials management, and chemicals and waste-disposal management
  • Analyses and management of official contacts
  • Coordination of internal and external service providers
  • Remote access
  • Emergency call service


EnviroChemie Contracting – the full-service, stress-free package for your water technology

With EnviroChemie Contracting, we plan, build and finance your water and wastewater treatment plants and then operate them for you.

For example, if production is expanded, we carry out the necessary conversion or expansion of the water and wastewater technology at our own expense under a contracting agreement. Refinancing takes place via the plant management fee.

Since we build our plants ourselves and produce the water chemicals ourselves, we give you in-depth in-house expertise, and you benefit from the latest trends in water technology research.

Reference projects

The hidden potential in dairies

Dairies use water for many different stages in the production process. There are often potential savings to be made here in terms of resources and energy. To achieve this, however, an integral view is required, since the cycles used in dairies, which have often grown over the years, are highly…

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Recycling glazes from rinsing concentrates for Villeroy & Boch

At its Mettlach site, Villeroy & Boch is able to treat and recycle glazes recovered from its rinsing water using an Envopur® microfiltration plant from EnviroChemie.

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