Modular plant solutions

Modular plant solutions

We make it easy for you. We build the complete water technology into one or more modules, exactly as you need it.

Powerful and compact – modular plant solutions

We have configured our water and wastewater treatment technologies to fit perfectly into our EnviModules.

Make it easy for yourself. These module plants, which are planned according to your requirements, reduce project complexity for you. In contrast to conventional plant construction, this reduces your planning and project time, as well as your depreciation and installation costs.

Our range of services for you:


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Single modules

Installed in the EnviModul ready for connection

Perhaps you don't have enough space for the wastewater treatment plant, or you would like to locate it outside the production area. We’ll install the plant technology in an open or closed EnviModul, which we will deliver ready for connection.

Twin Type double modules

The full water technology in two modules

In our EnviModul Twin-Type plants, we install the full water technology in two technology modules. All sorted and ready for connection with an easily operated control system. The number of modules used depends on the process used and the size of the components.

Multi-module plants

From your current set-up to sustainable water technology

Our modular system concept allows you to combine the required water technology and safety technology in several modules to suit your requirements. In addition to the water technology, laboratory modules, office rooms or staff recreation areas can also be installed with the necessary air conditioning technology.

Reference projects

Hochland purifies wastewater with energy-efficient Biomar® plant

With all-year-round reliability, the resource-efficient Biomar® aerobic technology reduces costs

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Saving water: full water recycling for a cosmetics manufacturer

A global corporation recycles 90% of the wastewater at its Brazilian cosmetics production site and reuses it in its production processes.

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