Solar, glass, ceramics

Sustainable plant solutions that guarantee the necessary water qualities

Water recycling and optimal wastewater treatment

Cooling mechanical glass and ceramics processing requires large quantities of water, which are transported in water circulation systems. This is made possible by special flocculation processes that our water experts adjust optimally to your processes.

We perform a comprehensive stocktake of your machining processes, such as surface treatment or coarse and fine washing, together with the various water flows and circuits, and show you the optimisation potential and savings possibilities. This also applies to your wastewater treatment, where substances such as arsenic, antimony, lead or fluorine often need to be safely removed.

Typical tasks:

  • Provision of outstanding water qualities: partially and fully desalinated water through to ultrapure water
  • Fresh water and washing water production
  • Water and cooling lubricant circuits
  • Wastewater treatment

Choose from our range of services:

Ceramic wastewater treatment in an EnviroChemie operational management project

Reference projects

Cost-optimised wastewater treatment in the optical industry

ZEISS Sport Optics considerably reduces disposal costs at Wetzlar site with a compact Lugan® 20,000 flotation plant from EnviroChemie.

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Recycling glazes from rinsing concentrates for Villeroy & Boch

At their Mettlach site, Villeroy & Boch can treat and recycle glazes from their rinsing water with an Envopur® microfiltration plant from EnviroChemie.

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