Before any planning starts, a thorough stocktaking is made

We don’t believe in no can do – we always find the right solution for you

In order to design the plant solution tailored exactly to your needs or put together the optimum plant-management package, we identify all the necessary bases for planning. You provide us with your data or, if it is not yet available, we can establish the parameters in house. We identify the relevant parameters for the subsequent planning and design in our process engineering laboratories and our pilot plants.

Laboratory tests

Identifying the right processes and water chemicals

We test the water from industrial and commercial systems in our physicochemical and biological laboratories. We determine the wastewater load and test possible treatment processes and the best water chemicals to use.

Pilot trials

Testing water and wastewater treatment in practice

We run our own technology centre with a large number of pilot plants. After determining the water’s treatability on a small scale in the laboratory, we can test the application of physicochemical, biological and membrane-based processes for water and wastewater treatment under realistic conditions.

We can also carry out the pilot tests on your premises, if required.

Studies & concepts

From your current set-up to sustainable water technology

In the case of larger production plants or if a company has several locations, perhaps around the world, it is often useful to first take stock of the existing water technology. The current status serves as a basis for the further short-, medium- and long-term planning of adaptations and new plants.

We conduct a study to map the status quo then show you optimisation possibilities in terms of resources and energy efficiency and with a view to ensuring reliable compliance with official requirements.

Our concepts for water and wastewater treatment, or water or resource recycling, offer you an informed planning and implementation overview.

Approval planning

We support you throughout the approval process for your water technology plants

Our engineers have many years’ experience in designing plant solutions for industrial water treatment. In addition to our experience with a panoply of technologies, we also know what requirements are placed on approval documents. We are happy to support you with your approval planning for your plant.


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