Industrial laundries / textile industry

Industrial laundries / textile industry

Efficient and resource-saving wastewater treatment and recycling

The right treatment for each wastewater substream

Different types of wastewater are produced in industrial laundries, and each type has to be treated differently. It is also worth considering wastewater recycling with energy recovery, if wastewater quantities are large enough, too.

We are well versed in the various treatment and recycling options for wastewater in an industrial laundry and have already implemented more than 50 plant solutions in this segment.

Our industry experts take you through the basic evaluation to create a suitable and customised concept for wastewater treatment or recycling. We then supply you with state-of-the-art, expandable and resource-saving plant solutions.

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Wastewater treatment plant with water recycling and heat recovery for an industrial laundry
The “heart” of an Envopur UFI ultrafiltration plant for wastewater treatment in an industrial laundry

Reference projects

Treating and recycling wastewater pays off for CWS-boco

Energy-efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment and water recycling for laundry CWS-boco at its Solingen site, Germany

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