Filtration / Adsorption

Filtration / Adsorption

Efficient, cost-effective water treatment

Water and process water treatment with filtration and adsorption, using either pre-treatment or secondary treatment

Filtration is one of the oldest known water treatment processes. It is a very efficient and cost-effective process, characterised by excellent resilience and flexibility, that offers a wide range of potential applications.

Filtration processes are further divided into adsorption processes, such as activated carbon filtration, in which dissolved water constituents are adsorbed, and filtration processes that separate turbidity through surface or depth filtration.

We use the following filtration processes:                                        

  • Continuous and non-continuous sand filters
  • Multi-layer filtration (hydro-anthracite, pumice, etc.)
  • Iron- and manganese-removal filters
  • Deacidification filters
  • Biologically active filters as fixed-bed bioreactors
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Zeolite filters
  • Special filter for heavy metal removal
  • Automatic filters
  • Candle filters and bag filters
  • Membrane filtration

Our specialists for filtration and adsorption processes are on hand to advise you and suggest the most efficient and resource-saving plant solution to meet your requirements.

Choose from our range of services:

Envochem® adsorption for water treatment, Germany
Envopur® with filter piping
Vapour condensate treatment with multi-layer filters for dairies, Germany
Installed in an EnviModul: water softening and activated carbon cleaning stage

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