Anaerobic processes

Anaerobe wastewater treatment is a proven technology for treating wastewater with high levels of organic contamination.

Resource-saving wastewater treatment with a high degradation rate and energy recovery

Anaerobic processes for wastewater treatment are biological processes in which organic contaminants are converted into biogas and thus removed from the wastewater. Anaerobic processes are characterised by high degradation rates as well as minimised electricity consumption and sludge generation. Using the biogas produced in the form of electricity or heat reduces the activity’s CO2 footprint, while high volume-specific conversion rates mean minimal space requirements.

The benefits of our Biomar® technologies are:

  • Biogas and energy production instead of sludge production
  • Improved CO2 footprint
  • Cost savings on wastewater charges (heavy polluters) due to high COD reduction
  • Compact design, low reactor volume – small footprint
  • Reactor types available for every application

Our Biomar® product range includes:

  • Fixed-bed reactors
  • High-performance reactors
  • High-performance sludge-bed reactors (EGSB, Expanded Granular Sludge Bed)
  • Contact biology (CSTR, Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor)
  • Treatment with loop reactors
  • UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) process
  • Contact biology with biomass recycling
  • Membrane biology 
  • Aerobic processes 

Our experts select the appropriate time-tested Biomar® process and technology combinations for your specific requirements.


Choose from our range of services:


Multi-stage Biomar® wastewater treatment, anaerobic and aerobic in modular EnviModul design for a large dairy, Russia
Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment for Fidel Dreher, a fruit juice manufacturer, Germany
Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment with biogas production, Russia
Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment for a brewery, Warstein/Germany
Biomar® energy-efficient, anaerobic wastewater and liquid waste treatment with biogas production, Morocco

Reference projects

International project implemented – despite pandemic

In the meat industry, for example, wastewater with a high organic load is produced during the cleaning of production plants.

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The hidden potential in dairies

Dairies use water for many different stages in the production process. There are often potential savings to be made here in terms of resources and energy. To achieve this, however, an integral view is required, since the cycles used in dairies, which have often grown over the years, are highly…

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Moroccan dairy cuts carbon footprint by recycling liquid waste

A large dairy uses a tailor-made plant solution from EnviroChemie to recycle its liquid waste and efficiently reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

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Treating vapour condensate – reducing water footprint

A multi-national dairy co-operative wanted to treat its vapour condensate sustainably at a German site and thus reduce its fresh water requirements and operating costs.

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Energy from wastewater

The Norrmejerier dairies generate energy, conserve resources and reduce operating costs using a Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment system.

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Saving water: full water recycling for a cosmetics manufacturer

A global corporation recycles 90% of the wastewater at its Brazilian cosmetics production site and reuses it in its production processes.

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Cost-optimised wastewater treatment in the optical industry

ZEISS Sport Optics considerably reduces disposal costs at its Wetzlar site by using a compact Lugan® 20,000 flotation plant from EnviroChemie.

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Recycling glazes from rinsing concentrates for Villeroy & Boch

At its Mettlach site, Villeroy & Boch is able to treat and recycle glazes recovered from its rinsing water using an Envopur® microfiltration plant from EnviroChemie.

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Mine water treatment for SUEK coal mine

EnviroChemie provided the plant technology for mine water treatment, including water recycling, for a coal mine operated by SUEK, one of Russia’s largest coal producers.

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Treating and recycling wastewater pays off for CWS-boco

Energy-efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment and water recycling for laundry CWS-boco at its Solingen site, Germany

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