Responsible use of water and energy

Resource-saving and efficient system solutions and services for industrial water treatment. We will show you how to operate your water and wastewater treatment in a way that conserves resources, complies with all regulations and achieves sustainability goals.

Responsible use of water and energy

ZF treats wastewater energy-efficiently with digital support

Optimised plant technology and digital services from EnviroChemie reduce energy consumption by 78% - this corresponds to a saving of 363 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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ZF treats wastewater energy-efficiently with digital support

Green Hydrogen

Generating green hydrogen through electrolysis requires a reliable supply of pure water. To this end, we develop custom plant solutions for water treatment and polishing. We utilize various technologies and combinations of technologies to reliably supply water in the high qualities required.

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Green Hydrogen

The WaterExpert - digital service platform

Monitor and optimise plant operation in real time, go on digital plant tours and apply user-defined maintenance management methods with WaterExpert digital service platform. Simplify teamwork and document data clearly.

The WaterExpert - digital service platform

Water recycling, water recovery and reuse

Treating process water and wastewater in such a way that water recycling is possible is becoming increasingly important. Targeted measures can conserve resources, save costs and reduce the water footprint.

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Water recycling, water recovery and reuse

Member of EnviroWater Group

We are a member of the EnviroWater Group, the expert network for the sustainable and efficient use of water for industry, commerce, swimming pools and spas. Together we realise individual solutions for the treatment of fresh water, ultrapure water, process water, wastewater and water recycling.

Member of EnviroWater Group

Our experienced industry experts take into account the special requirements for water quality in production or manufacturing processes. When developing individual solutions for sustainable water technology, we have the entire life cycle of the system technology and the system operation in mind.

Integrated services

Plant optimisation

Production requirements or water treatment regulations change, and your plant technology needs to be adapted. Or you are looking for ways to make its operation more cost-effective and efficient. We show you what optimisation potential you have and action it.


We discuss your operation with you before we recommend a plant solution, water chemicals or services. You benefit from our experience in water technology across a wide range of technologies and industries.


We plan bespoke solutions in line with your requirements. And you benefit from our many years’ experience in efficient and resource-saving water technology.

Construction & assembling

All our experience in industrial water technology is poured into our plant solutions. We design and construct your plants, install them and put them into operation.

Plant operation & maintenance

You can concentrate on your production processes, while we take care of all your water-management tasks – right around the clock.

Water treatment products

Our tailor-made water chemicals ensure the resource-saving treatment of fresh water, boiler feed water, cooling water, process water and wastewater.


We offer a wide range of services in the field of water technology services to ensure that your plant functions safely. Put together your own bespoke service package.

Digital services

From remote access by our water specialists to the use of our WaterExpert app for plant operation, use our expertise to keep your plant well under control at all times.

Proven technology

Our engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements.

Our technologies

Reference projects

Treating and recycling wastewater pays off for CWS-boco

Energy-efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment and water recycling for laundry CWS-boco at its Solingen site, Germany

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“With WaterExpert, we have an overview of the wastewater system at all times and can be sure that it is running in the most energy and resource-efficient manner possible.”

Jürgen Weiskircher, Responsible coordinator, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

“With the Lugan wastewater treatment plant from EnviroChemie, we reliably clean our wastewater to the required limits for discharge into the sewer. For plant operation, we use the app WaterExpert from EnviroChemie, which gives us easy access regardless of location."

Michael Schaible, Stadler Rail AG

“Both personally and in the name of Rauch Serbia, I would like to thank the team from EnviroChemie for their hard work and dedication. If I am asked which company realises good wastewater treatment plants, I will be happy to recommend EnviroChemie."

Dipl.-Ing. Ljiljana Pavlović, Cold Storage Manager (Rauch Serbia), Rauch

“Our new, sustainable solar cell production site is equipped with cutting-edge water treatment technology, as well as a water recycling plant, a vital component. This means we can save resources. And it would not have been possible without the impressive work from EnviroChemie and EnviroFALK.”

André Rolle, Head of Fab Engineering, Meyer-Burger

“We selected the EnviroChemie technology solution after an extensive technology assessment by Ricardo Energy and Environment based on the options available in the market at this scale. Working in partnership with EnviroChemie has produced a highly innovative solution to achieve our net zero requirements."

Neil Robertson, Abbey Ecosse

"One of the greatest benefits that we achieve with the EnviroChemie wastewater treatment plant is the significant cost reduction compared to the first existing plant. We also benefit from EnviroChemie’s technical staff being available in real time whenever we need support. We are extremely pleased with the wastewater treatment and wastewater management results."

Mustafa Ouahdi, CEO, Bioresine

"We confirm that the dairy's wastewater treatment plant was installed in accordance with recognised technical rules and successfully commissioned. We have been satisfied with the installation and the support of EnviroChemie, the manufacturer of the plant. We recommend EnviroChemie as a competent specialist for industrial wastewater treatment."

EDF Fénice Maroc SAS

Use water responsibly and reduce carbon footprint

EnviroChemie offers sustainable and efficient solutions, plants and services in order to overcome the challenges in water and wastewater treatment and to protect and preserve the environment and water resources for future generations.

  • EnviroChemie GmbH
    EnviroChemie GmbH

    EnviroChemie supplies sustainable system solutions worldwide for all the tasks involved in industrial water treatment and the treatment of process water, circulation water, cooling water, boiler water and wastewater.

    We respond proactively to your wishes and requirements. Our experienced and highly qualified experts provide you with plant solutions and services that bear the hallmarks of quality, innovative brands and ground-breaking technologies.

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  • EnviroWater Group
    EnviroWater Group

    The EnviroWater Group combines the expertise of several companies in a network of industrial water, process water and wastewater treatment specialists.

    You benefit from solutions designed to provide water as efficiently as possible and incorporating as much conservation of resources as possible, at exactly the quality you need. We show you how to make water safely available for your operations, while treating it in the way that has the least impact on the environment.

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General contact

General contact

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