Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen lowers CO2 emissions and helps substitute fossil fuels – for industry, heat generation and the mobility sector.

Pure water for generating green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is generated through the electrolysis of water, in which it is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen. Both the production and combustion of this gas are CO2-free. Many experts view green hydrogen as an energy source for the future in the areas of industry, heat supply and mobility.

Generating green hydrogen through electrolysis requires a reliable supply of pure water, sometimes in great quantities. EnviroChemie’s experts develop custom plant solutions for water treatment and polishing based on customer requirements.

Ultrapure water is also needed when generating other gases, such as green ammonia. For such applications, we plan customised water treatment systems, build them and commission them on your behalf.

Ensuring the availability of high water qualities – rely on our experience

When producing green hydrogen, various water sources can be used for feed water treatment: sea water, river water, surface water or wastewater. We use a range of different technologies and combinations of technologies to reliably supply water in the high qualities required, even for applications such as water recycling (polishing):

Multi-stage ion exchange systems can be used for the treatment of the water for the electrolyser as well as for polishing.
We select the appropriate technology for the water treatment, e.g. membrane processes.

Research and innovation

EnviroChemie is continuously enhancing its processes. Accordingly, we are taking part in the “H2Mare” research project.

This will investigate the offshore generation of green hydrogen and power-to-X products.

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