Water treatment for generating green hydrogen

EnviroChemie has been commissioned with providing water treatment for the operation of a PEM electrolyser in order to generate green hydrogen.

A constructor of large-scale plants in Germany has commissioned EnviroChemie with building a water treatment plant for the operation of a PEM* electrolyser in order to generate green hydrogen.

With EnviroChemie having successfully engineered the water treatment for a new PEM electrolyser, the Hesse-based company has now been commissioned to construct the plant. It will reliably generate ultrapure water for the production of green hydrogen.

Situated in Germany, the electrolyser is expected to generate more than 40,000 standard cubic metres of green hydrogen per hour. Thanks to the multi-stage ion exchange system, more than 1,000 m³ of ultrapure water can be treated every hour.

EnviroChemie will supply the plant with a special regeneration system for the ion exchange resins and a chemical storage unit. The regeneration system will be used to separate the various resin types and then regenerate them in a highly effective manner. Meanwhile, the chemical storage unit will be used to store the chemicals required for regenerating the resins.

Production of green hydrogen is planned for 2023.

*PEM electrolyser: proton-exchange membrane electrolyser


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