WaterExpert - digital service platform

WaterExpert - digital service platform

The smart solution for digitizing your water technology. Make system operation easy.

WaterExpert – anywhere, any time 

With the WaterExpert digital service platform, everyone in your team has a complete overview of plant operation and all the processes in your treatment plant at all times.

The benefits of plant operation using WaterExpert:

  • Remotely monitor your system’s performance data
  • Digitise routine plant inspection tours
  • Store alarms and messages with detailed instructions for solutions
  • Implement an effective inspection and maintenance programme
  • Improve knowledge transfer and reduce knowledge loss
  • Minimise recurring paperwork/routine work

Experience Water 4.0 in practice. The digital service platform combines real-time data monitoring, alarm management, digitised plant tours, knowledge management, maintenance management, plant management and, if required, remote access to your plant in a single, easy-to-use platform.

You are kept up to date on the status of your plant at all times, so you can easily and efficiently optimise operation and react to changing operating conditions.

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water reuse and resource recovery in poultry slaughterhouses

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Having expanded its production capacity, Bioresine also needed to expand its existing wastewater treatment plant as a new plant alongside the existing plant.

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