Evaporation coolers effectively dissipate heat. During heat dissipation, pure water evaporates while the soluble salts remain in the circulating water and thicken it.

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What is blowdown - and how is it deail with?

Evaporation coolers effectively dissipate heat. To be able to do this, they require sufficient quantities of fresh water. The requisite volume of water is essentially dictated by the process known as thickening of the circulation water thickening. During heat dissipation, pure water evaporates while the soluble salts remain in the circulating water and thicken it. As this cannot continue to function indefinitely, some of the water must be replaced. The resulting wastewater is called blowdown. The thickening factor describes the degree of concentration of the soluble salts in the water following the evaporation of pure water.

The most cost-efficient way to operate an evaporation cooler is by using the highest possible level of thickening and only minor quantities of wastewater and top-up water. Having said that, too strong a concentration can lead to deposits caused by hardeners, corrosion caused by neutral salts such as chlorides or sulphates, or sludge from solids. Nutrient input also encourages the growth of bacteria and algae, which also makes regular flushing necessary too.

Effective treatment chemicals can negate the adverse influences of this concentration to a certain degree. The type of plant, output water, external influences, mode of operation and the materials must all be considered when choosing the treatment chemicals.

EnviroChemie is systems guarantee efficient flushing

Engineering components must, moreover, be added to a systems if an operator wants to reduce blowdown in an effort to save water. These add-on parts might be filters, physical components or special water recycling plants. They ensure that compliance with previously defined maximum concentrations of substances is restored in the water in circulation.

When operating steam boilers, fresh water is also topped up to replenish the water lost through evaporation.  Here again, the salt content is regularly reduced by flushing through valves, and the concentration is restored.

Risk-free blowdown reduction - feel free to ask us for advice!

EnviroChemie offers a broad range of particularly high-performance treatment chemicals and water recycling plants to minimise blowdown volumes in evaporation coolers or steam boilers. This is a particularly appealing option when using drinking water and draining the blowdown into the municipal sewage plant. Feel free to ask our application engineers for advice on flushing; they can help to identify the best possible solution for your needs.

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