Process water

EnviroChemie supplies plants for the treatment of industrial process water worldwide.

Water treatment of process water within industry

German plant engineering company EnviroChemie supplies climate-friendly and highly efficient plant technology for the water and wastewater treatment of process water, for water recycling and wastewater treatment, across the world.

Industrial process water 

Water is used at different points in industrial manufacturing and treatment processes. Before or after water is used, it must be supplied at the required quality grades relevant to the specific operation. Process water is treated for reuse (circulation), further application (e.g. for the irrigation of external plants in arid areas) or before it is returned directly or indirectly to the environment.

EnviroChemie develops, manufactures, installs and operates plants commissioned by customers. These plants are used to treat process water appropriately, save costs and be environmentally friendly.

Depending on the objective, different processes are used in the process water treatment to achieve the following aims:

  • Water treatment for the process
  • Water recycling
  • Resource recovery
  • Wastewater treatment

EnviroChemie uses state-of-the-art plant technology as well as its own patented processes to treat process water. Depending on the customer requirement, either individual processes are used or a combination of them are used.

Proven methods for the treatment of process water include:

  • Envochem® physico-chemical processes
  • Flomar® dissolved-air flotation systems
  • Envopur® membrane processes
  • Biomar® biological processes

The plant technology product portfolio for process water ranges from standardised small plants up to customised large scale plants.

Water chemistry for resource-saving process water treatment

EnviroChemie supplies sophisticated processes for the treatment of process water, as well as effective water treatment chemicals. Different water treatment chemicals are used, depending on the water technology employed. By utilising optimised plants, process water can be treated to conserve energy and save costs. Even operating costs in old plants are reduced with optimally selected and dosed water treatment chemicals.

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