EnviroChemie supplies water recycling for carbon capture plant

The capture of carbon dioxide from flue gas produces condensates that are to be recycled in a water treatment plant.

A Norwegian company operates carbon capture plants for waste and biomass incineration plants. The condensates produced when the carbon dioxide is separated from the flue gas are to be treated so that the water can be recycled.

EnviroChemie supplies an ion exchanger system in the Envirent rental module for water recycling. The Envochem Ion system has a capacity of 1 m³ per hour. The client has opted for a rental system in order to test the water technology used for a year. If the technology proves itself, the company will take over the system. Up to 80% of the water can be recycled with the ion exchanger system used.

EnviroChemie is supporting its sister company Enwa Support in Norway with this order by supplying the rental system for water recycling. Both companies are members of the EnviroWater Group.

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