Dairy using EnviRent rental flotation plant

The rental wastewater treatment plant provides the dairy with valuable insights as a basis for choosing which technology to use. The company is aiming to reduce its wastewater fees.

A large dairy based in Ulm processes an average of 380 million kilograms of milk each year at its production site. Its product portfolio includes natural and fruit yoghurt, desserts, butter, cheese, and milk and whey powders.

The dairy is looking to significantly reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD) value and level of lipophilic substances in the wastewater to cut wastewater fees. Our experts from EnviroChemie suggested that they use a flotation process for wastewater treatment. Using an EnviRent rental plant from EnviroChemie, the dairy is conducting extensive field tests over a period of four weeks. Service technicians from EnviroChemie put the rental plant into operation and are providing the customer with comprehensive support during the testing phase. The EnviRent Flomar dissolved air flotation plant treats around 30 m³ of wastewater per hour, which is pumped into the rental plant from a mixing and balancing tank. In addition, high-performance water chemicals from EnviroChemie are being used for the testing phase.

The module integrates all of the components of the EnviRent rental plant into an advantageous design that enables the rental plant to be transported to installation site and put into operation quickly. The rental plant generates robust real-life data, providing a reliable planning basis for investing in expanding the plant for wastewater treatment.

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