Membrane filtration

Membrane filtration

Compact membrane systems extend the service life of degreasing baths. This saves resources and operating costs.

Split-O-Mat® QMF membrane systems recycle degreasing baths

Degreasing baths are used in surface technology and the metalworking industry for the treatment of metal componenets. Impurities, oils and greases impair the performance of the baths and reduce their service life. Used baths must usually be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Advantages of extended service life with Split-O-Mat® QMF ultrafiltration plants

  • Bath life extension, preservation of bath quality
  • Reduced water and chemical consumption
  • Reduced thermal energy consumption
  • Reduction in hazardous waste
  • Reduced strain on downstream baths

Plant features

  • Permeate capacity: 100–200 l/hour
  • Process: ultrafiltration
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready for connection
  • Fully automatic at all process stages

For plant operation

Reference projects

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A multi-national dairy co-operative wanted to treat its vapour condensate sustainably at a German site and thus reduce its fresh water requirements and operating costs.

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Modular process water treatment for easy installation at Ibrahim Fibres Limited in Pakistan

The necessary process water for production facilities and power plants is supplied by EnviroChemie systems technology.

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