Sustainable water technology: keeping an eye on operating costs from day one

Sustainable water technology: keeping an eye on operating costs from day one

When planning wastewater treatment plants, it is vital to consider how the plant will be operated and the associated operating costs when selecting which process to use.

Manufacturing companies must treat their production wastewater to comply with the limit values specified by the authorities before it can be discharged into the public sewer system or the receiving water. Or, motivated by their own sustainability goals, they can commission the conversion, expansion or modernisation of their effluent treatment works.

Depending on the task at hand, different treatment processes or combinations of these are available for the necessary plant technology. The investment costs are relatively easy to determine.

However, the plant’s operating costs are at least as important as the capital investment itself: the investment represents only around 20% of the overall costs spanning the plant’s entire life cycle.

Our experience shows that, depending on the wastewater treatment process, 30% of the overall costs must be allocated towards disposal and recycling, 20% towards equipment and resources (e.g. water treatment products) and 15% each towards electricity costs and other operating costs (e.g. staff, analytics, maintenance and repair, spare parts and consumables).

Sustainable plant operation

Digital tools such as EnviroChemie’s WaterExpert™ can be used to continuously track and analyse the most important KPIs for plant operation. These give plant operators important pointers on how to optimise their plant technology and thus lower the staffing and resource levels that they need.

Using water treatment products that are ideally matched to the wastewater treatment process allows both the quantities of products consumed and the amount of waste materials (such as sludge) to be minimised.

Image: Overall costs for wastewater treatment and plant operation.

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