Schweitzer-Chemie to join EnviroWater Group

With chemistry, technology and technical service, Schweitzer-Chemie offers high-quality solutions for the entire range of applications in water treatment.

EnviroWater Group is pleased to welcome its newest member – Schweitzer‑Chemie GmbH will join a powerful community

On 01 April 2023, SKion Water GmbH will take on 100% of the company shares of Schweitzer‑Chemie GmbH. Schweitzer‑Chemie will continue to operate as an independent company as part of the EnviroWater Group, which belongs to SKion Water GmbH.

In welcoming this specialist for water treatment into the fold, the Group gains one of the most successful medium-sized enterprises in the water industry on the German market – significantly enhancing its commitment to professional water management in industrial and building facility applications. Using a three-pronged approach of chemistry, technology and technical services, Schweitzer‑Chemie offers premium solutions for the entire range of applications for cooling water, boiler water, humidification systems, drinking water, process water and hygiene monitoring systems.

The Freiberg-based company has a total turnover in excess of EUR 33 million, and its 225 employees support and advise more than 10,000 customers. Even after 22 years, its dynamic growth continues unabated. The company offers an impressive portfolio of products and services, gaining an average of 2.5 new customers every day.

Dr Jörg Krause, CEO of EnviroWater Group, is thrilled about the new partnership. “The passion and team spirit underpinning the excellent services that the experts at Schweitzer‑Chemie provide for water treatment fit in perfectly with our culture. I know that many customers of Schweitzer‑Chemie and EnviroWater Group will benefit from the shared expertise and the even greater solutions this presents for sustainable water management”.

“By joining a powerful group of companies, we can significantly expand our range of services to advance our success together. We know that we have found the best environment for our company’s future – the development opportunities and possibilities for the future are excellent,” explained Bernd Schweitzer, who will continue to manage the company together with his colleague, Wolfgang Eggerl.

Dr. Reinhard Hübner, CEO of SKion Water: “Schweitzer‑Chemie is yet another leading medium-sized enterprise from the water industry that has decided to join SKion Water. Both customers and employees of Schweitzer‑Chemie will benefit from being part of a powerful group that will continue to drive the success story of Schweitzer‑Chemie forward. We are delighted with this new reinforcement in the EnviroWater Group and the trust that the Schweitzer‑Chemie team has placed in us.”

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