Cosmetics manufacturer commissions water technology expansion in Mexico

Two Envirent rental plants enable the expansion of wastewater treatment without interrupting production. The WaterExpert™ digital service platform is used to simplify and optimise plant operation.

EnviroChemie is to expand the existing wastewater treatment facility of a cosmetics manufacturer. While the new plant is being built, the wastewater will be purified using a rental plant from EnviroChemie. The customer will utilise the benefits of the WaterExpert™ digital service platform to operate the new plant.

A global cosmetics corporation has commissioned EnviroChemie to install an expanded wastewater treatment plant with water recycling in Mexico.

At its Mexican location, the cosmetics manufacturer primarily produces creams, lotions, shower products and lip care products for the markets in Central and North America. The company is committed to acting in an ecologically responsible way. Therefore, it also places great value in energy efficiency and the conservation of resources when it comes to selecting technologies and, later on, operating the plant.

Because the company has expanded production at its site in Mexico, the existing wastewater treatment plant also needs to be adapted. Here, EnviroChemie will plan, build and commission a physico-chemical treatment facility with the Flomar® flotation system in combination with a Biomar® biological membrane wastewater treatment system with an output of up to 80 m³ per hour. The treated wastewater is of such good quality that it can be fed to a water recycling plant, allowing the company to lower its consumption of fresh water.

The customer opted for EnviroChemie because it had already had good experiences with EnviroChemie plant solutions at numerous locations worldwide. Another factor is that EnviroChemie will provide two Envirent rental plants while building the new plant technology. This will allow production to continue while the existing plant is being modified and expanded.

EnviroChemie also convinced the customer with its digital services. The WaterExpert™ digital service platform maps important KPIs such as the permeability or cleaning efficiency of the water plants and presents necessary recommendations for action in monthly reports. Analysing KPIs at the EnviroChemie control centre allows negative developments to be detected at an early stage, thereby preventing faults. At the same time, the use of consumables can be lowered and resources such as energy saved by analysing specific KPIs. EnviroChemie also provided smart glasses with which experts can also support plant operators around the clock during their day-to-day work or when troubleshooting.

Commissioning of the expanded plant technology with water recycling stage is scheduled for May 2024.

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