Bioresine achieves energy-efficient pharmaceutical waste water treatment

New plant extension saves operating costs

Water is a vital raw material for Bioresine, a Moroccan producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, orange extracts and essential oils. Having expanded its production capacity, Bioresine commissioned EnviroChemie to expand its existing wastewater treatment plant. The German water conditioning specialist installed a second treatment plant with a capacity of up to 470 m³ wastewater per day for direct discharge.

The high concentration of organic substances and the high salt content in the wastewater pose special challenges for the plant technology. EnviroChemie therefore uses plant components that are resistant enough for long-term use. Another challenge was the extremely limited space available for the new plant.

To ensure the success of the plant, EnviroChemie developed an efficient process that was custom-designed for the specific needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical customer. A Biomar aerobic reactor biodegrades the organic components. The plant is equipped with energy-efficient plant components that enable energy savings of around 30%. The automated plant can be monitored remotely using EnviroChemie’s Asic® system, allowing the entire plant to be operated efficiently and reliably – with significant economic and environmental benefits.

The new plant solution enables Bioresine to reliably comply with the specifications for direct discharge into the river, and the dewatered sludge can be used as fertiliser in farming operations.

“One of the greatest benefits that we achieve with the EnviroChemie wastewater treatment plant is the significant cost reduction compared to the first existing plant. We also benefit from EnviroChemie’s technical staff being available in real time whenever we need support. We are very pleased with the results of the wastewater treatment and wastewater management,” comments Mustafa Ouahdi, CEO of Bioresine.

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