Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is used for many tasks for water treatment in a wide range of industries

Reverse osmosis - versatile water treatment

Reverse osmosis is used for many water treatment tasks in a wide range of industries. Alongside additional methods for water treatment, EnviroChemie has been developing its own Envopur® reverse osmosis process for many years.

Possible applications 

The membrane process is installed to desalinate water substreams that are used in process technology. Typical applications include the production of fully desalinated water for use in thermal plants, as well as the creation of process water steam, steam for turbines to generate energy and steam for energy transmission. Similar plants are also used to treat water that is mixed with manufactured products, i.e. intended be used as mixed water or dilution water. Demin. water (desalinated water) is also used as rinsing water, for example in the metal-working industry.

These are just a few applications in which Envopur® reverse osmosis processes are used efficiently and ecologically to produce process water.

Unique features of reverese osmosis 

Reverse osmosis is a membrane process, which can produce demin. water on a very reliable and cost-effective basis. In addition, salts as well as bacteria and viruses are separated from the water stream. Demin. water can then be used for extensive and highly distinct uses. If the process water requires further desalination, a reverse osmosis system can be installed downstream for an additional adsorption phase (EDI electro-deionisation).

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