Physico-chemical wastewater treatment

EnviroChemie stands for state-of-the-art solutions in physico-chemical wastewater treatment, which is used across sectors in industrial companies worldwide.

Physico-chemical wastewater treatment using EnviroChemie state-of-the-art plant technology

Physico-chemical wastewater treatment is one of EnviroChemie’s core skills. We have developed product ranges for physico-chemical water and wastewater treatment that are protected under the trademarks Envochem® and Split-O-Mat®. The Envochem® and Split-O-Mat® product ranges for physico-chemical wastewater treatment are some of the most effective basic water technology processes and have already been installed in over 1,000 plants across the world.

EnviroChemie stands for state-of-the-art physico-chemical wastewater treatment solutions, which are used in companies in all sector of industry worldwide. We offer companies specific, tailor-made solutions for physico-chemical water treatment or alternatives with biological and membrane-technology processes that meet the highest demands placed on water and wastewater technology.

Our developments and patented plants for physico-chemical wastewater treatment offer the user an efficient, ecological and cost-effective solution for the purification and treatment of water and industrial water. The seamless integration of plant technology for physico-chemical wastewater treatment in existing production processes is another issue that EnviroChemie focuses on consistently when developing and installing systems.

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