Order for sustainable treatment of wastewater from a dairy

EnviroChemie treats wastewater generated by the large Algerian dairy, Laiterie Soummam, to the extent that the water can be reused and the dewatered sludge can be used as fertiliser.

The largest Algerian dairy, Laiterie Soummam, awarded EnviroChemie an order earlier this year for the planning, construction and commissioning of a sustainable treatment plant for its production wastewater. Laiterie Soummam produces UHT milk, yoghurt, cream cheese and processed cheese.

Approximately 5,000 cubic metres of wastewater a day are cleaned aerobically with a Biomar OBR such that it can safely meet Algeria's limit values and can be discharged into the Soummam River. About one-half of the cleaned wastewater is used for watering the outdoor facilities at the dairy.

The order also encompassed sludge treatment with draining via decanters. The dewatered sludge is used as fertiliser in farming operations.

The new wastewater treatment plant with water reuse is scheduled to commence operations in mid-2023.

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