Meyer Burger’s new high-performance solar cell plant with sustainable water technology

EnviroWater Group provides innovative wastewater treatment system with the ability to reuse water in production.

Meyer Burger is opening a new plant to manufacture high-performance solar cells in Thalheim, a district in the town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen. The production process for premium solar cells requires top-quality treated water, powerful wastewater treatment and a sustainable water recycling concept.

EnviroWater Group deployed EnviroChemie as a general contractor to provide custom plant solutions for ultrapure water treatment (EnviroFALK) and sustainable treatment of the production wastewater (EnviroChemie) for the new solar cell plant. Both companies are part of the EnviroWater Group, a network of water specialists.

Half of the treated wastewater can be used again in the process, making an important contribution to saving water resources and minimising the water footprint. The remaining wastewater is treated with the Envochem technology from EnviroChemie, a multi-step procedure involving chemical and physical treatment processes, which enables the water to be drained without harming the environment.

“Our new, sustainable solar cell production site is equipped with cutting-edge water treatment technology, as well as a water recycling plant, a vital component. This means we can save resources. And it would not have been possible without the impressive work from EnviroChemie and EnviroFALK,” said André Rolle, Head of Fab Engineering at Meyer Burger.

About the EnviroWater Group

EnviroWater Group is a network of specialist companies with expertise in solutions for the various requirements placed on sustainable industrial water treatment processes. The EnviroWater Group comprises the companies EnviroChemie, EnviroFALK, EnviroDTS, EnviroProcess, EnviroFALK PharmaWaterSystems, IWM Industrial Water Management, AEW Wassertechnologie, AFS Solutions, Innowac and up2e!.

About Meyer Burger

For almost 70 years, Meyer Burger has been combining innovative technologies with tradition and courage to create unique photovoltaic systems that are manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Meyer Burger produces high-performance photovoltaic cells and modules using its proprietary heterojunction / SmartWire technology.

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