Aerobic processes

Biological wastewater treatment with activated sludge

Degrading organic load, nitrogen and phosphorus using aerobic wastewater treatment

Aerobic wastewater treatment involves organically contaminated wastewater, nitrogen and phosphorus beeing decomposed microbiologically using dissolved oxygen.

Today, wastewater with high organic loads is often treated energy efficiently and with minimised disposal costs, using a combination of anaerobic and downstream aerobic treatment stages.

Our Biomar® plant solutions are used for wastewater in many industries, such as the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Biomar® product range includes the following processes:

  • Moving bed process (MBBR, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor)
  • Sequenced aerobic process (SBR, Sequenced Batch Reactor)
  • Compact aerobic biology with internal clarifier
  • Membrane biology 
  • Aerobic biology with downstream Flomar® flotation process for wastewater treatment
  • Aerobic biology with downstream sedimentation
  • Anaerobic processes 

Our experts select the appropriate time-tested Biomar® process for aerobic wastewater treatment process for your specific requirements.

Choose from our range of services:

Biomar® aerobic wastewater treatment for a baby food manufacturer, Germany
Biomar® aerobic wastewater treatment for a dairy, Germany
Biomar® anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment for a dairy

Reference projects

Energy-efficient wastewater treatment saves operating costs

Having expanded its production capacity, Bioresine also needed to expand its existing wastewater treatment plant as a new plant alongside the existing plant.

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Energy from wastewater

The Norrmejerier dairies generate energy, conserve resources and reduce operating costs using a Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment system.

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Hochland purifies wastewater with energy-efficient Biomar® plant

With all-year-round reliability, the resource-efficient Biomar® aerobic technology reduces costs

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Moroccan dairy cuts carbon footprint by recycling liquid waste

A large dairy uses a tailor-made plant solution from EnviroChemie to recycle its liquid waste and efficiently reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

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Moroccan dairy installs energy-efficient wastewater treatment with water recycling

Ensures compliance with legal requirements, odour suppression and water recycling for irrigation

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