Metal / Surface treatment

Metal / Surface treatment

We show you how to keep wastewater limit values under control

Very different types of wastewater are produced at different junctures in the processes employed at metal and surface technology companies. Rinsing water, semi-concentrates and concentrates must be treated to meet stringent legal requirements for discharge. Besides cleaning process efficiency, the focus is on saving water and conserving operating materials. Our industry experts assess your production and find the optimum solution for your specific wastewater situation.

We know the requirements for wastewater technology in the various fields of metal and surface technology, and can show you the best technical, most cost-effective solution for your wastewater problem.

Choose from our range of services:

Envochem® wastewater treatment plant for watchmaking, Switzerland
Producing the process water treatment plants for the aluminium surface finisher Coil, Belgium
Envochem® circulating ion exchanger plant for a contract electroplating shop, the Netherlands
Envochem® batch treatment plant for a contract electroplating shop, the Netherlands

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Envochem® water recycling plant reduces water consumption by 95%

Galvamé opts for water recycling

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