EnviroWater Group – the experts for sustainable water use

The expert network specialising in the sustainable and efficient use of water

Since the autumn of 2021, EnviroChemie and its subsidiaries EnviroFALK from Germany and EnviroProcess from Scandinavia, as well as other European companies, have formed an expert network under the EnviroWater Group brand specialising in the sustainable and efficient use of water. The companies have worked together to realise projects for customers from trade and industry long before this, however.

EnviroChemie plans, builds and operates plant solutions for treating cooling water and wastewater and for reusing wastewater, and offers a comprehensive range of services in addition. EnviroFALK plans and builds plants for treating water, process water and ultrapure water and offers a large range of services, such as the regeneration of ion exchange resins. EnviroProcess provides water technology for spas and water parks.

The companies of the EnviroWater Group can call on many years of industry expertise and a wealth of technological knowledge and deliver holistic, resource-saving and energy-efficient water treatment solutions. In doing so, they cover the entire life cycle of the plant. Operating costs are considered from the very beginning, for example taking into account the utilisation or reuse of residual materials.

For companies, the EnviroWater Group expert network offers the advantage that a single partner realises the complete scope of operational water technology, while also being able to call on the entire expertise of the group. The EnviroWater Group implements projects in Europe and worldwide with its workforce of 975 employees.

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