Leica Microsystems reduces operating costs with resource-efficient wastewater treatment

The new plant solution significantly lowers the amount of waste and therefore the related disposal costs.

EnviroChemie has installed a new, resource-efficient wastewater plant for Leica Microsystems in Wetzlar, Germany, a market leader in the production of light microscopes, equipment for creating microscopic preparations and related products. The new plant replaces an older facility and will treat wastewater containing heavy metals from the production of optical glass and increase the throughput when treating wastewater; moreover, it enables simpler operation of the plant technology.

First, EnviroChemie developed a sustainable plant and treatment concept in its in-house wastewater laboratory. Instead of being concentrated on a continuous basis via a microfiltration unit, as was previously the case, the wastewater is now treated in a physicochemical process using a compact Split-O-Mat® SOM unit while adhering to the required limit values. It can then be discharged into the sewer.

The compact Split-O-Mat® SOM designed for this case was quickly put into operation at the customer’s premises without interrupting production. The wastewater treatment process is fully automated and is simple to operate via a visualization on the touch panel. This significantly lowers the amount of waste to be disposed of and therefore the related disposal costs.

The scope of services provided by EnviroChemie also includes delivering water chemicals which are tailored to the treatment process and produced in-house, providing support when drawing up approval documents and assisting the customer during operation.

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