Expansion of the wastewater technology for Hochland Prokhorovka

EnviroChemie is expanding the fresh water treatment and wastewater treatment systems at the Hochland cheese dairy in Prokhorovka, Russia.

The site is increasing its production capacities and the water treatment plants must also be expanded. The scope of delivery of the new order includes the expansion of the Biomar® biological wastewater treatment system from 800 m³ to 2,000 m³ per day with an expanded cleaning stage. In a preliminary stage, the milk fat is separated from the wastewater using a Flomar® flotation process. EnviroChemie delivers the required consumables via a tanker. The cleaned wastewater can then be discharged into the surrounding marsh. Furthermore, the fresh water treatment capacity will be expanded from 800 m³ per day to 1,200 m³ per day. The fresh water, which is prepared from drinking water, is sterilised using UV units before being fed into the company’s water system.

“EnviroChemie is continuously evolving and can therefore always offer us solutions that help us optimise technological processes and reduce our impact on the environment,” says Viktoria Skorodumova, Head of Logistics and Milk Purchasing at Hochland Russia, Prokhorovka, in explaining the long-term collaboration.

Hochland also benefits from the advantages provided by EnviroChemie’s WaterExpert digital service platform for plant operations. This platform enables users to conduct digital plant inspections, or implement inspection and maintenance programs, for example – regardless of where the user is located.

Hochland has been commissioning EnviroChemie with plant construction, service and delivery of consumables for fresh water treatment and the treatment of the cheese dairy wastewater since 2003.

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