Major German dairy commissions the planning of a new wastewater treatment system with a biogas plant

The new plants will significantly reduce the dairy's primary energy consumption and waste disposal costs.

The dairy, located in southern Germany, produces fresh dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese and requires a new wastewater treatment system to treat 1,500 cubic metres of wastewater daily to meet the required discharge parameters for indirect discharge. In an Biomar AWR (Anaerobic Whey Reactor) process, the residual materials and production waste is used to generate biogas, which in turn is used in the company's steam boiler plant. There is also the option of using the biogas in future for generating electricity and heat in combined heat and power plants.

During the planning phase, EnviroChemie conducted tests and analyses in its own technical centre and on site to determine the precise design parameters and treatment parameters for optimised plant operation. Additional requirements for the plant solution call for the lowest possible operating costs with the highest possible degree of operational safety.

The dairy is pursuing multiple objectives with the new plant construction: To secure the future of the site, the dairy intends to implement the sustainable use of resources, use biogas to become more independent from primary energy sources and lower the costs it incurs for wastewater and disposal. Moreover, the new wastewater treatment system must eliminate any unpleasant odours or noise pollution.

The plant's design phase, including the collection of all data required for the legally required immission control stipulated by the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2024.

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