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We supply either compact small plants or tailor-made plant solutions for water treatment in almost all industrial sectors. As a partner in water and wastewater technology, we offer a diverse spectrum of services including consulting, planning and plant engineering up to pilot projects and approval planning for all systems.

Our plants and products ensure efficient water treatment based on innovative, physico-chemical, biological and membrane technologies. We tailor a number of patented in-house developments in the best way possible to the relevant area of application.

In our own Research and Development Department at EnviroChemie, the latest technical wastewater and water treatment options are continually tested to meet the individual requirements of our customers from a wide range of sectors worldwide.

Taking into consideration and integrating all parameters, we devise application-specific concepts for the treatment of industrial wastewater. At the same time, the reduction of energy consumption and the optimisation of operating costs for many companies is a central concern when implementing water treatment plants.

Whether wastewater shall be used to clean an emulsion splitting plant or another purification system based on physico-chemical, biological or membrane technology is needed to achieve the required water quality, EnviroChemie is your expert contact for water treatment.

We produce products for water treatment in-house and our application technicians and engineers can advise you on the choice of the best treatment method.

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have so you can also profit from sustainable plant technology.

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