Perfect performance when you treat wastewater with an ENVIFLOC® OnePowder flocculating agent

For the wastewater to be cleaned, one water chemical is sufficient for the complete treatment up to the finished flake, which is then separated.

EnviroChemie application technicians for water treatment chemicals have developed the ENVIFLOC® OnePowder product range of flocculating agents for chemical wastewater treatment. Wastewater now requires only one water treatment chemical for the entire process through to the finished floc, which can then be separated. The formulation components are precisely matched, so no treatment problems are caused by any accidental overdosing. Floc formation is optimally supported and the resulting sludge is readily dewaterable.

These practical flocculating agents are added directly to the wastewater through a powder dosing system, considerably reducing the effort and failure susceptibility for plant operators. The product is easy to handle and store, and safe to transport. A further advantage is that it is not a hazardous material.

Powerful flocculating agents are available for most wastewater treatment applications. For all special applications, EnviroChemie’s application technicians will develop bespoke formulations.

ENVIFLOC® OnePowder solutions are particularly suitable for batch operation but can also be used for continuous plants.

Contact for Application Technologies and Water Chemistry
Jörg Gierschewski
Tel: +49 (0)6154 6998 876

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