EnviroChemie Group acquires Industrial Water Management Ltd. (IWM) in Ireland

EnviroChemie Group acquires Industrial Water Management Ltd. (IWM) in Ireland

EnviroChemie Group is further expanding its market presence with water and wastewater treatment services through the acquisition of the Irish company Industrial Water Management Ltd. (IWM).

EnviroChemie Group, a leader in industrial water technology solutions, acquires Industrial Water Management Ltd. (IWM) in Ireland

In recent years, EnviroChemie has significantly extended its range of products and market share for services, plant operations, and, above all, water chemicals for process and wastewater treatment plants as well as for cooling and boiler water treatment. The acquisition of IWM will strengthen the mutual competencies in this market segment and expand the range of services available for customers. This transaction will give EnviroChemie a permanent presence in Ireland and give Irish customers the potential to benefit from EnviroChemie’s broad range of products and services as well as local support from IWM. IWM's optimal access to pharmaceutical customers is also in line with EnviroChemie's current strategy.

IWM, based in Dublin, specializes in cooling tower, steam boiler and water hygiene services, including legionella control and water chemicals supply. IWM offers its customers the entire range of services including consulting, laboratory analyses, on-site service and training. With 30 employees, IWM generates an annual turnover of approximately € 3 million.

IWM offers exceptional access to EnviroChemie Group's technologies due to long-term and trusting customer relationships, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, hospital sector and food industry.

Jörg Krause, CEO of EnviroChemie Group says: "The acquisition of IWM is an important element of our growth strategy for service offerings. We are broadening the regional scope of our business in Europe and thus further reducing our dependency on individual regions. The open, down-to-earth and innovative corporate culture of IWM fits very well with our culture. We look forward to a successful cooperation”.

Conor O' Donovan, CEO of IWM, is delighted to become part of a leading group of industrial water and wastewater treatment companies in Europe and says: "The high level of competence and diverse experience of the experts at EnviroChemie Group will enhance IWM’s capacity in providing comprehensive support to our customers in Ireland. We are also proud to bring our expertise, specifically in water hygiene and legionella treatment, to the customers of our new colleagues. Many existing and new customers will benefit from the expansion of EnviroChemie Group's range of services with complete solutions for process water and wastewater".

About EnviroChemie Group

EnviroChemie Group, a subsidiary of SKion Water GmbH, is a solution provider for customized technologies for industrial water and wastewater treatment with comprehensive services such as maintenance, water chemicals, ion exchange, resin regeneration, digital solutions and contracting models. EnviroChemie has an excellent reputation for reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions for water and wastewater treatment, as well as for the development and implementation of both standardized and modular customized treatment solutions. EnviroChemie Group serves customers in industrial and commercial sectors such as pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, automotive, transportation, chemicals, dairy, food & beverage, metals, mining, public swimming pools & spas and textiles.

Founded: 1976
Team: 850 (2020)
Headquarter: Rossdorf, Germany (near Frankfurt/M.)
International locations: Austria, Benelux, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, U.A.E.


About Industrial Water Management Ltd.

IWM provides water treatment and water hygiene services for cooling towers and steam boilers in the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for hospitals, universities and other institutions. With 46 years of experience and innovative solutions, IWM is an expert in disinfecting and cleaning water treatment plants and in ensuring protection against legionella. In addition, IWM conducts risk assessments and laboratory analyses. IWM focuses on continuity in customer relations with a comprehensive, application-specific range of services.

Founded: 1974
Team: 30 (2020)
Headquarter: Dublin, Ireland


About SKion Water

SKion Water GmbH – through its operational subsidiaries Ovivo, EnviroChemie, ELIQUO WATER GROUP, Ecopreneur, ADASA and Matten – is a technology and solution provider, as well as a plant manufacturer, in both municipal and industrial water and wastewater technology. SKion Water also invests in innovative water technology companies if the respective technology is a fit with the existing portfolio. SKion Water is a subsidiary of SKion GmbH, the investment company of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten.


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