Envirochemie builds new wastewater treatment plant for Chemours

Chemours commissions Envirochemie to design, build, install and put into operation a new wastewater treatment plant in Dordrecht in the Netherlands with the aim of reliably complying with regulatory requirements.

In a selection process that took several months, Envirochemie was selected from a number of qualified wastewater treatment providers due to its experience in chemical and physical wastewater treatment and high-profile references.

The plant will replace a provisional treatment plant. The process wastewater from the production of fluoropolymers and elastomers will be treated with a combination of automated processes. The new wastewater treatment plant is in keeping with Chemours’ Corporate Responsibility principles, which stipulate investing in the best technology for reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Chemours currently has a plant on site in which the discharge of fluorinated organic substances from the GenX technology into the Dutch Delta Water Board’s wastewater treatment system is reduced by more than 99.9%. This temporary treatment plant will be replaced by the new, larger plant that Envirochemie will be installing. The new wastewater treatment plant will treat on average 60 m3 of wastewater an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a maximum capacity of 120 m3 an hour.

The plant is scheduled to be operational in mid-2022. The existing wastewater treatment system will remain in operation until the new system is fully functional.

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